Biodiversity Collaborative / Biodiversity Collaborative
04 Nov 2021 | Nandan Nawn
Biodiversity losses lead to disruptions in climatic attributes. The resulting impacts — including those on economic systems — are gaining visibility across geographical spaces. ‘…
04 Nov 2021 | K Bawa, A Sengupta, V Chavan, R Chellam, R. Ganesan, J Krishnaswamy, V B Mathur, N Nawn, S B Olsson, N Pandit, S Quader, P Rajagopal, U Ramakrishnan, G Ravikanth, M Sankaran, D Shankar, R Seidler, R U Shaanker, A T Vanak
Highly populated tropical countries face tremendous pressures in reconciling the needs for improved economic security and the protection of declining biodiversity. India is no…
04 Nov 2021 | N Nawn, S Vasan and K Bawa
“Sustainable development” and “sustainability” may be among the most used phrases across discourses, both mainstream and radical, on “development.” As in any conceptualisation,…
04 Nov 2021 | Bawa, N Nawn, R Chellam, J Krishnaswamy, V Mathur, S B Olsson, N Pandit, P Rajagopal, M Sankaran, R U Shaanker, D Shankar, U Ramakrishnan, A T Vanak, and S Quader
Contemporary losses of biodiversity, sometimes referred to as the sixth mass extinction, continue to mount. A recent assessment by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on…
Dr. Nandan Nawn delivered the lecture 'Economics of Ecological Restoration’ at the 5th Refresher Course in Environmental Studies, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, JNU.
Nandan Nawn
28 Sep 2021
Dr. Nandan Nawn delivered a lecture titled ‘Bioeconomy component of the National Mission on Biodiversity and Human Well-being’ in a technical session on Natural Capital Accounting…
Nandan Nawn
29 Dec 2020