Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan participated in the NBA-UNDP Webinar Series on “COVID-19 and OneHealth Initiative – Exploring Opportunities for Strategic Thinking and Joint Action” organised…
Uma Ramakrishnan
22 May 2020
10 Feb 2021 | Abi T. Vanak and Mridula Mary Paul
As India goes into emergency mode to tackle the potentially catastrophic impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the ‘Kerala model’ is being widely cited as an example to…
10 Feb 2021 | Mridula Mary Paul and Abi T. Vanak
Every crisis needs a good scapegoat. In the case of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, we seem to have found multiple ones. We linked this pandemic to various…
10 Feb 2021 | Vikram Aditya and G. Ravikanth
The grasslands of India form a savanna: a semi-arid grassland system that stretches across large swathes of India, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.…
Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan participated in a discussion convened by the World Bank on 'One Health and related issues in the times of COVID'.
Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan
19 Feb 2021
Abi T. Vanak / Green Hub Dialogues
Abi T. Vanak - talk on "Pathogen Transmission Pathways" for Green Hub Dialogues.
Abi T. Vanak / Columbia Global Centers
Abi T. Vanak - talk on "Wildlife Trade and the Global Health Crisis" for Columbia Global Centers.
Abi T. Vanak / USU Ecology Center
Abi T. Vanak - talk on "Mad Dogs and Sick Monkeys: Understanding Pathogen Dynamics in Complex Systems" for USU Ecology Center.
Abi T. Vanak / Ashoka University
Talk on "Operationalising OneHealth Science in India to Combat Emerging Zoonoses" for Ashoka University.
Abi T. Vanak / Centre for Wildlife Studies
Abi T. Vanak - talk on "Beyond COVID-19: Understanding One Health in India" for CWS Wildlife Chronicles