Vijay Chandru / BLiSC India
This session was jointly organised by NCBS and IIT-Goa, and hosted by Dr. Sreejith A.V. (IIT-Goa).
"Can India continue to be biodiverse while feeding its people?" on July 12, 2023. Join us for this roundtable discussion and discover the intricate connections between food…
Biodiversity Collaborative
12 Jul 2023
“Biodiversity” is often associated with wildlife and ecosystems but is also intrinsic to human well-being and survival. In fact, biodiversity is us - being fundamental to our…
22 May 2023
In this roundtable discussion, we will explore the potential links between biodiversity loss and mental health. We will discuss the underlying mechanisms and pathways through…
06 Sep 2023
Ravi Chellam
28 Jul 2023
Book Release: Guests Who Never Left - Common Invasive Alien Plants of Peninsular India  
Biodiversity Collaborative & Nature Conservation Foundation
09 Nov 2023